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At Made in Englewood Inc., our mission is to bring design to low income areas through direct community engagement in the arts. The Made in Englewood community project emerged from the scarcity of planned and structured design in the community. With backgrounds in product design and education coupled with experience in community engagement, Made in Englewood is well equipped to address this need.

Operating out of the Englewood Boombox, Made in Englewood will feature a  7 day showcase of Design featuring DIY design tutorials, Demos, general tool instruction as well as a design open house on Saturday.




The goals of Made in Englewood are as follows:

  • Create design that can transform the plethora of vacant lots scattered throughout the neighborhood.
  • Show the residents the possibilities of design that can be created in their own spaces using cheap and readily available materials.
  • Create works of art and design that beatify and engage the community in which it resides
  • Re-purpose materials commonly found and discarded within the community.
  • Introduce techniques of serialized production.

    These communities have a voice that is too often muted. The arts can provide them a vehicle through which to express themselves and be heard.



Boombox Englewood

Boombox Englewood 
Located at 833 W. 63rd St.  Chicago, IL

Boombox is a prefabricated micro retail kiosk installed in high volume public spaces to provide short term pop up retail opportunities for local entrepreneurs and community activators.   During the Made In Englewood  Project, this kiosk will be transformed in to a home style Fabrication Center.